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Great attachment

Great attachment

Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment (Rating: 4/5)

The product is good for what it does and it goes in smooth without most discomfort from other plastics or metal ones. I have one of the other clean bag systems and bought this to get a better cleaning on the behest of my OH, since the one I already have has a shorter tip and occasionally slips out. Unfortunately, I have the 2 quart size bag and the tubing with that bag only fits if you really jam the tip into the tube because the tube has a small diameter and the additional attachment included that is included to work with the bag systems is just as large as the tubing. If the other bag systems have a wider tube, then it should fit easily without almost splitting the tubing and hasting my decision to buy the larger 4 quart bag system. Even though the additional attachment screws into the end of the tube where it would connect with the shower attachment, there isn’t a rubber ring to seal the end so water can leak out if the additional attachment isn’t screwed in tight. That being said, using the attachment gave my OH a better cleaning that she said felt great. So in conclusion, great attachment if it’s fitted properly and gets that deep cleaning.
Reviewed By: R.

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